Convert price in Magento

You have the best web shop in the world and you want to make your customers shopping experience like at their local stores: kind, friendly, shop in their native language with local currency. Good customer service is the key to upping your conversion rate.

But(like every story with a point, there is but), your payment processor does not support all currencies that your shop supports.
So, the natural solution would be to convert order total into one of the supported currencies by your payment processor.

Translate JavaScript strings in Magento [1.7+]

Magento is very good in managing translations on multi language shops, out of the box you get very easy translation using CSV files, but that works great only in PHP. Translating JavaScript strings like validation messages or alert boxes was little tricky and required adding inline JavaScript code which is not very good idea because it can be lost later with editing/upgrading template files or changing template.

Modifying Magento search

You got brand new store with a lot of awesome products and you just can’t show all products on home page. So, that means that when your customers will use the site search, they expect to find what they came for or they will continue searching on Google. To help you with this Magento included search suggestions to help your customers while typing in search bar.