Modifying Magento search

If you are just diving into Magento development i would recommend starting with some of the basics and how to create Magento extension.

The story:

You got brand new store with a lot of awesome products and you just can’t show all products on home page. So, that means that when your customers will use the site search, they expect to find what they came for or they will continue searching on Google. Generally using search in sites is unpleasant experience for users because of fear to not to mistype query and slow search page response. To help you with this Magento included search suggestions to help your customers while typing in search bar.

This is how customers feel when using search.

In following series i will show you how to improve search suggestions on your store to point your customers on right place.

[Part 1] Modifying Magento search

Tutorial was originally published on Mementia blog.